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Snapchat is notoriously tricky to get up and running with as a new user. It’s not always easy to find new people to follow. But if you’re testing the waters on Snapchat these days for you or your brand we want to make it a litter easier. If you’re trying to figure out where to start, here’s a list of brands, organizations and personalities who have jumped on the Snapchat and helped shape it. Beyond the DJ Khaled’s there’s some great accounts to follow.

More than any other channel Snapchat really relies on great story telling, and you’ll see  the best people on Snapchat use the medium in fresh and inventive ways to tell stories.

Brands on Snapchat

Taco Bell – funny and irreverent, what you would expect from Taco Bell.

tacobell Snapchat code

Netflix – Really clever content and tied perfectly to their own content.

netflix Snapchat code

Zappos – the shoe company known for being ahead of the curve.

zappos Snapchat code

Sprite – infrequently post, but cool stuff when they do.

sprite Snapchat code

People on Snapchat

Casey Niestat – one of the best, if not the best storyteller on the platform.

casey Snapchat code

Jerome Jarr – engages his audience with some great stunts.

jerome Snapchat code

David Infontay – really funny and really clever.

dinfontay Snapchat code

MKBHD – great source of tech and gadget news.

MKBHD Snapchat code

Sam Sheffer – another great storyteller and early adopter. Writer for Mashable.

sam sheffer Snapchat code

Daryn Jones – you loved him on MTV, now love him on Snapchat

Daryn Snapchat code

Will Sasso – funny as hell. One of the standouts on Snapchat.

will Sasso Snapchat code

Content Producers on Snapchat

The New Yorker – a very unique approach that needs to be experienced.

newyorker Snapchat code

Cnet – great tech and gadget news.

CNET Snapchat code

The Verge – very cool look at pop culture with some great recurring

Verge Snapchat code

Funny or Die – they almost treat it as a TV channel with regular characters and skits.

funnyordie Snapchat code


The White House – behind the scenes of the most famous house.

whitehouse Snapchat code

NFL – sports organizations all over this – and are doing some great stuff.

NFL Snapchat code

CFL – Not to be left out the CFL takes you behind the scenes of our very own football league.

CFL Snapchat code

NBA – NBA gets top marks for their great content.

NBA Snapchat code

You following some great Snapchat accounts? Share them here.

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