Social Media Channel Watch #1

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The social media giant launched chatbots this week with mixed results. In theory the bots should allow brands to deliver customer support, e-commerce and interactive experiences all through automated responses. As anyone who’s every had a phone conversation with a chatbot know – results can vary.



Facebook also made news when it was revealed personal sharing is down 15% on the platform since last year. People aren’t posting nearly as many pictures and status updates as they once did – and instead are mostly just sharing content from big publishers. Could this become a troubling trend for Facebook? Stay tuned.


While Facebook might be embracing chatbots, brands are sticking with the real thing over on Twitter. For many big brand there’s just too much that could go wrong with automation. While true – there’s still plenty that can go wrong with a real person.


Hot off the heals of their algorithm update, Instagram has introduced an updated explore tab for discovering new content (or content you might have missed). The tab will feature curated videos just for you as well as what’s popular on the channel – handily removing the thinking out of your hands.


Snapchat launched a new feature this week (for Android) – allowing you to place an emoji sticker in a video and have it stay in the same place. A fun (if perhaps frivolous) update, but one that people are already having some fun with.

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