How small business owners can fall in love with their social media again

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So you’re a small business owner. You’ve got a million things on your plate including finances and staffing, on top of just running the actual business itself. Plus you’re responsible for marketing and generating new leads as well!? It’s daunting.

For many entrepreneurs staying on top of their own marketing can be a struggle. Even those of us who do it for a living have a hard time keeping our social channels updated with new content.

Constantly finding new things to talk about, engaging and growing an audience can be tough. For some small business owners it’s enough to abandon their social media feeds. But as challenging as it can be, there’s value in establishing and sustaining your social channels.

I’m convinced that if you follow these tips you’ll find your groove and take on your social marketing with a refreshed approach.

Followers don’t matter

First things first – stop caring about how many followers you have! It’s a useless stat that focuses on collecting instead of engaging. If you give people interesting, relevant content, they’ll find you. Stop focusing on what you don’t have and start focusing on what you do.

Use some budget for paid

That said, you should explore paid promotion for your social media content. Leverage the targeting these channels offer and take advantage of the smaller scale need to reach your audience. Don’t waste time on mass reach when you don’t need it.

Scheduling is your friend

There are tons of great tools out there for building a content calendar, scheduling content and managing your communities. Find them and take advantage of how they’ll lighten your load. You’ll be amazed by how enjoyable social marketing can be when you take out the stress and pressure of scrambling to find content on the day. Plan content out ahead of time and schedule it to post.

Take a risk!

Small Business’ are far less encumbered with the expectations and restrictions bigger brands face. Be a little cheeky, be a little risky to grab people’s attention. That isn’t to say you should go out of your way to be controversial but you also don’t need to paint within the lines (and generally be boring).  I urge you to go farther. Be truly unique and take chances.

Show don’t tell

Social media adds context and inspiration to your brand. Consider that when someone is searching for your company or service and looking at your website, they already know they need your service. But what about everyone else? Social media is the perfect outlet to show people how they could use your product or enlist your services in a way that makes you important to them.

A great example is Jeff Mack Designs Instagram account. They do a great job of showing their unbelievable craftsmanship in action.

                                   screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-11-12-40-am    screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-11-13-08-am

Your social channels can be the perfect place to define your brand, let customers know what you’re about and paint a more visual picture of your services and offerings. Show them why you’re different (the old adage, show don’t tell). It’s one things to constantly tell customers why you’re better than the competition, but it’s another to demonstrate it.

Now add in something like inbound marketing

Once you’re back in the groove and your social channels are humming start thinking about integrating your content with an inbound campaign. If you’re looking for more information on inbound marketing, get in touch now.

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