Snapchat – what is your brand’s way in?

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Disclaimer – this is not a “How to” on Snapchat, nor is it a “How You Should Be Using Snapchat” or even a super arrogant piece about how you’re doing Snapchat wrong. This is simply some musings on how brands might start approaching Snapchat as a viable marketing channel.

snapchat-logoOn to our post.

Snapchat has managed to do something fairly remarkable over the past few years and that’s build a thriving social media channel in a day when most seem to fall by the wayside (Peach being the latest victim to quietly fade out of our collective thoughts. RIP).

But all of those failed wannabes fell victim to the same problem – trying to beat the big boys like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at their own game. Meanwhile Snapchat has quietly carved out a unique and enjoyable experience that in some ways is the antithesis of those other channels’ “tell everyone” approach. Snapchat still wants mass adoption – of course they do – but they still encourage (and reward) users for a more one-to-one communication style.

For brands, Snapchat offers an attractive opportunity to reach that oh-so-sought after Millennial demographic but also poses a set of very unique challenges.

For instance, with its 24hrs and gone approach, the ROI question rears its ugly head when deciding how much money to put towards developing content. It’s also a channel hungry for updates and could become taxing to fill everyday. Plus it’s an extremely in-the-moment medium – you can’t design content in advance and simply upload it when you’re ready to publish (yet).

So with these challenges, I’ll offer up a few suggestions on how brands can find a way in to the channel and get their feet wet (with very little risk).

Bread-Crumbing – One thing Snaps are great for is updating your followers to other content and channels. You can post quick videos or pics teasing a YouTube video or an upcoming Twitter chat. Use Snapchat as the jumping off point and let people follow your trail (like bread crumbs) to other channels.

The new, laid-back you – You’ve probably got an exhaustive brand voice and tone (if not, drop us a line), but maybe Snapchat is the place you show a more informal and casual side to your brand? Something a little less polished and a little more DIY?

In-the-moment – You’ve probably used Twitter in the past to send out tweets and pics of an event your hosting/attending. Next time consider using Snaps to tell a more visual story and let people experience the event first hand. It’s also less daunting than Periscope or Meerkat’s live streaming function as it allows you to self edit a little before posting.

Beta testing your ideas – Lastly, just use Snapchat as a place to float your content ideas. Experiment with some new things you were maybe nervous about doing on a larger stage – such is the advantage of a small following on a new channel.

So there you have it – a few suggestions on how to dip your toes into the Snapchat waters. And if you’re looking for something a little more in depth – be sure and get in touch with us now.

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