Periscope – what is your brand’s way in?

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Live Streaming! It’s everywhere – Facebook has their version (Facebook Live), Meerkat was pretty much the first one on the scene – but perhaps the most the best known and easily identifiable is Periscope.

You can tell it’s out ahead of the others if only because of its use as a verb now (“I’m going to Periscope this chat”, etc.). But also because it comes from Twitter – a brand that has cemented its reputation and platform on live, in-the-moment shared experiences, Periscope already has a leg-up. Periscope also feature direct integration with Twitter, so you don’t have to go out a build a new audience.

Live streaming is definitely they hot content delivery method right now – but with this exciting, here-and-now experience comes some risk. There are all sorts of unknowns and uncontrollable situations – and while you can plan as much as possible, you never really know what will happen in the moment.

That alone would be enough to chase away most brands who are risk-averse by nature, but stick with us because there all kinds of great executions and approaches for you to get on this trend.

Periscope is Twitter's live streaming platform.
Periscope could be your brand’s way into live streaming.


Obviously any event you’d like to expose to your audience to is a natural fit for Periscope. But go beyond just store openings or products launches and think about earnings reports or Annual meetings. While this might not seem like the sexiest execution to you, there are still a lot of people who would gladly jump online to watch that unfold live. Just ensure you’re close enough to catch the audio or capture something that doesn’t rely on sound to get the message across.

Sneak Peaks

Launching a new product line or developing something new? Consider giving your fanbase a quick behind the scenes peak at what you’re working on. People love to feel like they’re getting access to something exclusive or timely and it can also be a proving ground for an idea. You might even be able to adapt or iterate on the fly with the feedback you get – some free R&D.

Keep it Quick

Less an execution and more of a tip. If you’re worried that something might go wrong while you’re streaming live, keep it quick and succinct. Consider 30 – 45 second snippets that people can digest quickly. Plus with Persicope’s ability to keep that content alive beyond its live date, people can still see it and share it.

Keep it scripted

Again – more of a best practice – but just because it’s live doesn’t mean you can’t practice what you’re doing and script it out. Consider that just about every multicam sitcom that’s “filmed before a live studio audience” does multiple run-throughs to get things just right. It’s when you’re not prepared that things tend to go off the rails – and if you go off script – stay calm and just go with it.

Focus on products

Lastly if you want to narrow the risk and control the message even further, train your camera on some products and talk about some of their benefits and features. Or even answers frequent questions you get about those products. Sprinkle in some insider information about  its design, or your inspiration for creating it and suddenly you have some pretty compelling and watchable content.

These are of course just scratching the surface of where you can go with Periscope (and live streaming), and there are tons more like Q&As or live streamed Twitter chats. And if you’re naturally risk averse, focus on ways to control your concerns, plan in advance you and tailor your content to suit.

Are you considering Periscope or have you started using it already? Tell us about it.

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