What You Need to Know – Channel Watch #2

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You weekly social media updates start now…

Google acknowledged the passing of Prince with this simple, but fitting Google Doodle today.


A recent survey shows that most SMB advertisers are spending less than $50 a month on Facebook advertising with awareness being the key goal. Of the surveyed small business owners, only 19% said they paid for social media advertising (that number is thought to be even smaller globally). Clearly small business owners aren’t finding value in social advertising – which, given the targeting capabilities – is a bit of a head scratcher.

Facebook also changed their newsfeed algorithm again, this time the focus is on engagement time and how long people spend with certain types of content. Whether you like it or not, it seems like the Facebook News Feed will continue to be an always evolving thing.

Lastly, sounds like more than 1 million people are now using Tor – the browser that keeps your information completely anonymous – to use Facebook. Obviously this begs the question – if it’s keeping your information anonymous, how do they know you’re accessing Facebook?


Twitter is patterning with Yelp to start integrating location tags in the UK and Japan. So now you can place your location directly into your tweet. There are some cool implications for brands to call out specific brick-and-mortar locations on the platform with this new partnership.


Digital agency Fuel turned their Instagram account into a gamified treasure hunt. The account shows off the agency’s portfolio but has also hidden a few great easter eggs for people to discover as they scroll through.

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