Measuring Snapchat – how do you know if you’re successful?

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While Snapchat continues to grow in popularity and usage (it just passed Twitter in daily users), brands are starting to creep into the fray. Unlike Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where a content strategy is relatively straightforward, Snapchat isn’t quite as easy to approach. As we’ve previous talked about – from an organic content perspective Snapchat has its challenges.

Snapchat stories only last for 24 hours, content needs to be taken live (no preloading images and video yet) and individual videos are capped at 10 seconds. Plus – apart form video views there’s no real measurement platform to speak of.

While we all patiently wait for a full measurement dashboard (it’s coming), here are a few ways to track effectiveness and see if your content is working:

Track engagements

While the platform doesn’t have a tidy way of seeing your likes, comments, shares, etc laid out in a slick dashboard, you can manually track chat and video responses to your stories. It’s a little crude to be sure but will still outline valuable feedback on what’s working and what people respond to.

Measure traffic to your properties

If you can’t rely on Snapchat to provide analytics than use the tools you do have at your disposal. Use the platform to promote other social media channels, website or other content pieces. Use a unique bitly link and see exactly how many people are paying attention and following through on a call to action.

Track drop-off throughout your story

Snapchat’s story mode allows you to string a number of videos and images together throughout the day to form your “story.” Each video or image tracks individual views so you can actually see where users dropped off or lost interest. Pretty important for content development.


Use Snap filters

The last method is less about content generation and more about general brand awareness. Snapchat’s built-in filters offer a chance to generate some exposure with geo-targeted filters users can put on their own imagery and video regardless of whether they follow you or not. The costs change depending on how wide you cast your targeting (perfect for IRL events or sponsorships). Here’s some more info on Snapfilters.

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