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French social content

As anyone who manages social media content or communities in Canada, we’re all faced with a similar dilemma – how to create French social content that effectively speaks to your French audience? There are about 7.3 million of them in this country.

I’ve seen brands approach it any number of ways, from translating their English content, to a tailored French-centric strategy and all points in between. But faced with this challenging audience, most of the time brands just end up ignoring them.

But there is a better way! Trust us.

So here are a few friendly suggestions on how to improve your French social content and start engaging with this often ignored audience.

Treat it differently

Duh! But seriously, this isn’t just a portion of your audience that speaks a different language. They have different cultural touch points, they look to different influencers – heck they have a completely different sense of humour! So you treat them the same as your existing audience at your own peril.

Don’t mix French social content in with the English

Nothing screams – “we don’t care about you” more than following an English tweet with a French one. If you think French audiences will follow your English feed at the hope the odd tweet shows up ‘en francais’ – you’re wrong. And you run the risk of seriously offending them.

Either target your content to a French speaking audience (which you can easily do on Facebook) or put the time into a stand-alone French channel.

Use French influencers and spokespeople

As previously mentioned, the cultural differences abound with this audience, so it stands to reason the social profiles they look to for advice or influence would be different (and at the very least, French language). Yes it might cost more to hire two influencers for both audiences, but I’ve seen how beneficial it can be. The results are well worth it.

You’ll be out in front of everyone

One of the biggest reasons to update your approach to French social content is how much farther ahead you’ll be than your competitors. By delivering more authentic content geared specifically for the audience you’re opening up to a whole new set of potential consumers for your product. And who doesn’t want that?

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