How a focus on Millennials could help you with Gen Z

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AdWeek has just posted an amazing infographic on the up and coming Generation Z (13-22 year olds). While everyone is still trying to figure out how to speak to Millennials, there are definite benefits to preparing for this new emerging audience (who by the way are just starting to graduate college and join the workforce).

Among some of the insights, are Gen Z’s shopping behaviour, the content there consuming and where they find their buying inspiration.

While some of the stats can be chalked up to young people’s interests as they grow (they love funny content and Beyonce) there are some staggering takeaway – like 90% of them watch YouTube daily!

The big insight for me was the breakdown of how they segment each channel and use it for a pretty specific purpose – something we also see with the millennial audience.

For instance:

  • Facebook is where they keep up with friends, get news and find shareable content
  • Instagram is where they’re most inclined to follow and interact with brands. This is also where they find inspiration on what to buy.
  • YouTube is for following influencers and bloggers, using videos for tips and trends.
  • Snapchat is still a bit of a wild card at this point, used mostly to interact with friends and watch videos. But not predominantly influencing purchase – yet.

There are a ton of great insights to be found in the infographic.

As you can see each channel means something different to this audience, and it’s information you should absolutely be thinking about every time you create content or devise your strategy.

And if you’re not already approaching each channel with a unique purpose, these stats should help speed that up.

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