Content is everywhere – but is it good?

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content creation at its bestHave you heard people talking about content lately? Maybe a little?

Seems you can’t go anywhere anymore without someone telling you about how important content is. We don’t just watch videos, read blogs, tweets and posts, we consume content (or so we’re told). And while that’s not completely untrue, it does start to feel commoditized and impersonal when you talk about it in such vague, general terms.

Content is pretty important

Content is an integral part of marketing – of course it is. But that’s not new – it always has been. The difference now is that it takes a little more effort to add nuance and time to target the right audience.

Any brand can create content with no real purpose, that achieves nothing and has little effect on their core audience (and a lot do). But it takes planning and strategy to outline an approach with actual business goals in mind. If your ultimate goal is generating content than you might want to adjust your thinking.

We can help

If you’re curious whether your content is moving the needle and generating some positive results, get in touch. We can provide you with a thorough content audit and generate a tangible strategy moving forward.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoyed this content.

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