How small business owners can fall in love with their social media again

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So you’re a small business owner. You’ve got a million things on your plate including finances and staffing, on top of just running the actual business itself. Plus you’re responsible for marketing and generating new leads as well!? It’s daunting. For many entrepreneurs staying on top of their own marketing can be a struggle. Even […]

The secret to avoiding boring and forgettable content

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I recently wrote about the benefits of evergreen content and how to be opportunistic with it, jumping into larger conversations as the happen. That said, for every success there’s a bunch of instances where it blew up in people’s faces. The results – when done poorly – can range from catastrophic to boring and neither of […]

Content is everywhere – but is it good?

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Have you heard people talking about content lately? Maybe a little? Seems you can’t go anywhere anymore without someone telling you about how important content is. We don’t just watch videos, read blogs, tweets and posts, we consume content (or so we’re told). And while that’s not completely untrue, it does start to feel commoditized […]

Communications strategy – how to tell if you need one

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Everyone’s online in some capacity or another. It’s where we get our information, how we communicate, where we seek influence and where we research everything from products to politics. It offers infinite possibilities – but also can feel daunting when you’re trying to capture the attention of your audience. So how do you cut through […]