5 ways to get your brand started on Pinterest

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Pinterest…when it comes to social media it always feels like the odd man out. Not as main stream as Facebook and to old to be the new darling on the scene (hello Snapchat). Pinterest always feels like an after thought for most brands.

But when you look at the numbers the neglect comes as a bit of a surprise. As a big conversion channel for e-commerce online sales, you would think Pinterest would be far more important to most B2C companies.

But some of the hesitancy brands have comes from the thought that it’s a channel that’s heavy on content (true) and tough to engage with fans (false).

So if a lack of inspiration is what’s keeping you off the platform here are five ideas to get you started.


Your interactive online catalogue

If you’ve got an e-commerce site than Pinterest is a natural companion that could really help drive sales and conversion. By replicating your catalogue on Pinterest you’re providing your fans with shareable images of your products that can link refuge back to your store.

Pinterest also becomes a great outlet for seasonal or rare products that aren’t on your site.

Tips and Lifehacks

Pinterest works best with evergreen content that still has appeal 2,3,4 months after it’s been posted. When you approach with that lens things like tips and Lifehacks that integrate or are related to your brand are a great way to be relevant to your audience and provide practical content they’ll want to share.

Recipes and How-to’s

In keeping with that evergreen content approach recipes are a perfect way to provide utility and remain relevant for months (maybe even years). Plus you can’t going anywhere online these days without seeing those quick recipe videos and with Pinterest’s rich pins you can create and post your own version of those videos.

User generated content and contests

A simple way to engage users is by highlighting how they interact with your brand and Pinterest is a really simple way to collect that user generated content. Creating a board devoted to customer success stories or people’s love of your products gives fans a little love and helps to humanize your brand. If you want to help nudge participtation along you can incentivize people’s content with a contest. Give people that extra reason to submit their own images and videos.

Guest Boards

If you’re working with an influencer or personality having them curate their own board is a fun way to generate some extra content. You get the added authenticity they bring along with some boost from their following. Just make sure their brand matches up with yours or you run the risk of coming across as opportunistic.

So there you have 5 great ways to get started on Pinterest. While yes the social channel requires more content than some of the others, the trade off is you’re not expected to post as consistently or frequently so find ways to save up your regular content and repurpose it on Pinterest a few times a month.

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