4 ways to make your Facebook ad budget go farther

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Facebook ad targetingPay to play. If you’re a brand on Facebook it’s a phrase you’re certainly familiar with. It’s common knowledge, if you want your fans to see the content you’re posting you have to throw in some promotional dollars to give it a boost. On the bright side, because of Facebook’s massive user base, you can see a pretty great return on even a limited Facebook ad investment.

But theres always room for improvement. So here are a few things to consider on your next campaign to make your dollars go that little bit further (especially if you’re working with a tight budget).

Interest Targeting

If you’ve ever created a Facebook ad, you know there are a wealth of targeting choices including age, gender, location and language. But beyond that, there’s a lot you can do. Thanks to all of the information we give Facebook everyday (the shows we watch, the products we buy), marketers can target their ads accordingly. So if internal research tells you where your customers shop or the things the watch, use that information in your targeting profiles. What you lose in broad reach, you gain in relevance and ultimately it’s that selective targeting that ensures you get the most out of your dollars.

Multiple creative versions

It’s really easy to post one image, write some copy for your ad and be done with it. But what a lot of people don’t know is you can run multiple ad creative types, different copy and calls to action, all under the same budget and audience targeting. So for no extra cost, you can deliver a few different visual options to your audience. Why is this important? Unless your creative is a perfect fit for every single person (it isn’t), you’ll be more effective with a few options to speak to different personalities. Plus you can adapt everything mid-campaign as you see what’s working (or what’s not).

Using CTAs (Calls to Action)

Speaking of experimenting, try different call to action buttons and ways to create interest. Not everyone wants to “Learn More” – they might be more drawn to more direct wording like “Buy Now” or “Sign Up.” You don’t really know until you’ve experimented and tried out a few.


This technique is a little more advanced, but definitely worth experimenting with. The idea here is that you’re reaching different people at different points in the marketing funnel. So while some might be more inclined to get right to purchasing, others might be more at the awareness stage, investigating your products and brand. Conveniently Facebook offers ads for awareness, conversion, click-throughs, lead generation, events, etc., etc., etc. Knowing this, map out a strategy to move people through that funnel – start with awareness, then move to engagement and then conversion – and watch how much more successful you’ll be.

Of course, these aren’t the only ways to stretch your budget with Facebook ads, but they are proven methods to have a more successful ad campaign. And if you’d like to hear more, feel free to get in touch.

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