3 ways to make your content evergreen

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Keeping your social feeds with updated with content can be a challenge. More channels  means more content, which is why keeping your library stocked with evergreen content is not only a helpful time saver, but financially advantageous.

Evergreen content social posts, videos and images that stay relevant regardless of time or can be tied to annual or monthly calendar dates. For instance maybe your brand has close ties to Small Business Month in October and so having tips and advice you can pass along every year makes content creation slightly less taxing.

Evergreen content

But there are other advantages beyond saving time. Having evergreen content at the ready also allows you to jump on hot topics as they happen without the rush to gain approvals and pull together creative.

Having content in your pocket can also be a competitive advantage and help you stand out when others are scrambling. If your brand sells snow shovels, having something ready for the first snowfall is a no-brainer. Same idea applies for sports events, ‘must-see-TV’ moments or culturally relevant happenings (just tread carefully, news-jacking can backfire, big time).

But how do you make sure you’re prepared? Here are 3 ways to make sure you’re ready for whatever comes your way.


Understanding that our world moves very, very fast, this can sometimes be a challenge, but look for ways to make your content timeless. By that I mean try not to attach dates or be overly specific about years, months, etc.. If you’re a financial company maybe having content relevant to tax time is a good idea – just make sure some of that content is broad enough to be relevant year over year. Things like tips, best practices or pain points are universal and can be pushed out regardless of whether it’s 2013 or 2016.

Look into the future

One of the real tricks to good evergreen content is anticipating moments. Weather is always a good one to jump on – insurance companies love to pull out the safe driving tips in the winter months. Setting up keyword searches and Google alerts is an easy way to stay on top of those topics without it dominating your time. This gives yo the chance to jump on trending topics or news-worthy events ahead of the competition.

Evergreen means being opportunistic

Probably the biggest key to successful evergreen content is being opportunistic and quickly jumping on trends as the pop up. One great example I remember from a few years back came after the government announced changes in certain taxable benefits. A financial client capitalized on the announcement by reposting explainer videos they had created months earlier. So when the general public searched the web to find out what these changes meant, they found this company’s content.


Understanding what they already had, knowing it was timeless in nature and reposting at the right moment made it one of their most successful pieces of content ever.

There are other ways to optimize our content ahead of time so that it’s evergreen from the moment you post it, like loading your blogs with tags and keywords or ensuring your videos exist in a few places (like YouTube and Facebook). But if you put your mind to it, you can future proof some of your content to really maximize its usefulness over time.

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